Forum KGF

The First International Forum “KAZAKHSTAN GEOLOGY FORUM OIL & GAS, 2015”

Organizer: Association of Petroleum Geologists of Kazakhstan

Co-organizers: Association «Kazenergy»

"KGF, Oil & Gas 2015" - The first international forum, which will be held at the professional level in the capital of Kazakhstan - Astana. The main concept of the event is the active promotion of the development of petroleum geology in Kazakhstan through research and implementation of innovative technologies. The Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, industry unions and associations, Kazakhstan's leading international companies engaged in exploration and production of oil and gas, distinguished geologists and geophysicists, international experts, investment foundations, service companies and representatives of the geological science will be invited to participate in the Forum.


Key objectives of the Forum:

  • To create an industry platform which will support the development and strengthening of the petroleum geology of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • To facilitate in identifying the main goals of the industry; elaboration of elements of an execution plan to achieve those goals and their practical implementation;
  • Projects presentations and discussions, signing agreements;
  • Introduction of the latest equipment and technologies in the industry and their further application

Key topics of the Forum:

  • Key priorities of petroleum exploration development in Kazakhstan;
  • Improving the legislative framework in order to attract investments in geological exploration of RK;
  • Geophysical and field investigations of oil wells and geophysical field work;
  • Domestic petroleum exploration as a science and its implementation in the industrial practice;
  • Features of offshore exploration in the Caspian Sea;
  • Innovative technologies in the oil and gas industry for research and extraction of deep-lying oil reserves;
  • Training of personnel.


Special events within the Forum:

• National Industry Competition "Izbasar";

• Exhibition - Showcase;

• Technical roundtables.

Organizing committee

  • Uzakbay Karabalin

    Uzakbay Karabalin

    First Vice-Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan,
    Chairman of Organizing Committee of KGF, Oil&Gas, 2015

  • Baltabek Kuandykov

    Baltabek Kuandykov

    President of the Kazakhstan Association of Petroleum  Geologists, Doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences

  • Bazarbay Nurabayev

    Bazarbay Nurabayev

    The Chairman of the Committee of Geology and Subsoil Use of the Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of  Kazakhstan, Doctor of Technical Sciences

  • Kurmangazi Iskaziyev

    Kurmangazi Iskaziyev

    Managing Director, Chief Geologist of JSC "NC" KazMunaiGas ", candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences

  • Ural Akchulakov

    Ural Akchulakov

    Deputy General Director of LLC "Akai", candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences

  • Geroy Zholtayev

    Geroy Zholtayev

    Head of the Department of Petroleum Geology KazNTU named after K.Satpaev, Professor, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences;

  • Bazar Eskozha

    Bazar Eskozha

    Chief Geologist of LLC "North Caspian Oil Development", candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences

  • Eugeniy Ogay

    Eugeniy Ogay

    Deputy General Director for development and drilling, LLP "Technology Research Institute of mining and drilling" KazMunaiGas ", Doctor of Technical Sciences

  • Nysanbay  Kuantayev

    Nysanbay Kuantayev

    Vice President of the company «FIOC», candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences
  • Zhanar Bekbasova

    Zhanar Bekbasova

    Zhanar Bekbassova - Director of LLC "Turan Business Development»

  • Daurzhan Augambay

    Daurzhan Augambay

    General director, Association of the service companies of Kazakhstan “KazService”